Introducing a fast and unique way to edit subtitles for your video projects.

titlebee™ lets you edit subtitles visually onto a timeline ready for embedding in your videos or importing to your video editor software.

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Preparing subtitles for video used to be a long and tedious process, but with titlebee™ the task has been made simpler and quicker by letting the subtitle editor focus on editing subtitles visually on a timeline.

Now subtitle editors could truly match their subtitles to the images and replay difficult passages as often as they like and as fast or slow as they need to find the optimum result. Subtitle editors can display multiple tracks side-by-side for easier translation, revision and proofreading.

The final subtitles are electronically embedded into the video either as soft subtitles (allowing them to be switched on and off) or hard subtitles (printed on the image permanently). And while titlebee™ can render the subtitles into the video directly and in many different formats (including MP4, MKV, AVI and MOV), subtitles that have been stylized with over 100 different effects and animations can also be exported to an NLE such as Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut or Avid Media Composer, as an alpha-layer that could sit on top of other elements.


Timeline Editing

titlebee™ presents a unique timeline interface for editing subtitles so you can get it done fast and get it done right. Sound is represented as a waveform for extra precision.

Just-in-time Subtitles

Play, pause and stop your video and edit your subtitles at the same time, no need for a costly edit-render-display cycle. Move your subtitle directly on your scene, change formatting and justification. Cut your workflow in half.


Use any font on your system to create subtitles. Select colors, add borders, shadows, bounding frames and overlays to get the right look. Choose from hundreds of styles and animations.

Subtitle Manipulation

Editing subtitles has never been easier, change start and end times at the stroke of your mouse. Split, merge and move subtitles freely, all with unlimited undo and copy & paste functionality

Side-by-side Tracks

titlebee™ is alone in offering an interface that allows multiple subtitle tracks to be edited alongside one another for easy comparison and translation.


titlebee™ is built from the ground up to support all languages including complex scripts and right-to-left languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese. Let titlebee™ filter your font list to ensure ultimate compatibility.

Any Video Format

Open video files from any source and in any format and start working straight away with no need for reconversion. Supported formats include MP4, MOV, M2TS, MPEG, AVI, WMV, FLV and many more.

Time Control

Only titlebee™ lets you speed or slow down video without change in pitch for easier comprehension. Speech gets automatically repeated over the selected timeframe for accurate transcription.

Quick Spotting

titlebee™ makes short work of the previously tedious task of spotting subtitles so that they appear and hide at precise moments. Simply play the video and with a few keyboard clicks and mouse strokes the task is complete.

File Export

Once your subtitle projects are complete titlebee™ lets you export subtitle files in the popular SRT, SCC or STL formats so that they could be previewed in all major video players. You could also embed text subtitles in MKV video files.

NLE Overlay Import

Completed subtitle tracks can be exported as an overlay MOV video file with transparency ready to be imported into your NLE software such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut and Avid Media Composer.


titlebee™ can render your formatted subtitles directly onto your video complete with selected styles and animations. Export formats include MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV and FLV.


Editing subtitles for movies that last for several hours can be a long and laborious process and titlebee™ lets you cut these tasks into chunks using bookmarks for quickly traversing through the project.


Working with video projects that get rendered in several formats can leave subtitles out of sync depending on framerates and missing scenes. titlebee™ lets you manipulate position and framerate of subtitles at stroke of your mousewheel.

Cloud Backup

titlebee™ uses an innovative centralized approach to project files that get stored in a repository and backed up securely into the cloud so you can pick up your projects on-location and protect your clients scripts from leaking out.